The Journals

You can read the 14000+ words from my expedition journal. Capricorn Expedition 1999 was divided into 7 stages and each has a corresponding journal. There are some photos scattered amongst the entries or you can visit the photo gallery for each stage.


For each stage, I was totally self-sufficient with food & water and at the end of each stage, I was re-supplied with water, food and other supplies such as film, maybe a newspaper, batteries, and if I was lucky, chocolate (which was for the dog). The main towns along the way were Newman, Alice Springs, Longreach and Rockhampton.


Every week I would try to update the original website with a new diary entry as well as sending a weekly story to the West Australian newspaper in Perth via satellite phone & laptop computer. The West Australian followed the entire journey with a weekly article. You may find when reading the journal that the tense has switched from past to present. This is because unlike the text you are reading now, the journals are presented as they were written in 1999.



Stage 1 - Indian Ocean to Newman - Western Australia


  • Warroora Station
  • The Pilbara


Stage 2 - Newman to Durba Hills - Western Australia


  • Jiggalong Community
  • The Little Sandy Desert


Stage 3 - Durba Hills to the Sandy Blight Junction Road - Western Australia/Northern Territory


  • The Great Solitude
  • Canning Stock Route
  • Durba Hills
  • The Gibson Desert
  • Origin Expedition
  • Into the Northern Territory


Stage 4 - Sandy Blight Junction Road to Amburla Station - Northern Territory


  • The West MacDonnell Ranges
  • The half-way point in Alice Springs


Stage 5 - Amburla Station to Marion Downs - Northern Territory/Queensland


  • Arltunga
  • The Simpson Desert
  • Into Queensland


Stage 6 - Marion Downs to Kelso Station - Queensland


  • Pastoral country
  • Goodbye Mac
  • Longreach - where it all began
  • The Australian Stockman's Hall Of Fame
  • Fundraising at Ilfracombe


Stage 7 - Kelso Station to the Pacific Ocean - Queensland


  • Along the highway
  • The disbelievers
  • Coal country
  • From red desert to green forest
  • The big blue bit on the side of the map