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On CapX1999 in Australia, I could walk east every day. In the desert, even though there were dunes, the camels & I could navigate these with no problems, and there were many days that we 'followed the line' exactly.


On the first section of the trip in 2017 the landscape dictated that there days when I walked on all points of the compass - and so it was a wobbly line. But 21 years and over 20,000 desert trekking kilometres have shown me that wobbly lines are the essence of a good journey!


So navigation on CapX2017-19 was very different, with some major geographical features enroute...the main 'obstacles & diversions' being the Andes, Atacama Desert and the various rivers in Brazil.


There were many days whilst crossing the Andes that I was going 'backwards' and though I was walking nearly 30 kilometres in a day, only actually gained another 4 or 5 kilometres of eastward travel. But that's ok!


And of course this time there are border crossings!

Naturally I can only cross from country to country at official border posts, so my route will be by necessity, quite some distance from the ToC.


Image courtesy of Michael Leunig